Shockwave Catch-All System

If you grow nuts and fruits that can’t be shaken onto the ground, OMC’s Shockwave Catch-All X is your best solution.

Whether you’re growing pistachios, prunes, cherries, macadamia, olives or any other fruit or nut not allowed to touch the ground, the Shockwave Catch-All X is there to ensure you fully shake and collect your product, whether you are using bins or collecting in bulk.

At the heart of each half of the Catch-All X system is a 3.8L Cummins Series V turbo-diesel engine producing 148hp on the Shaker side, and 121hp on the Receiver side. The Receiver half of the system carries a deflector, a main conveyor and a transfer conveyor, the latter being your choice of 45 degree or 90 degree discharge. The Shaker half of the system carries the deflector and OMC’s new R-5 Magnum shaker head as standard.

The standard Receiver configuration includes bin forks for loading your product into bins and dropping them off for Bin Carrier pick-up. If you prefer to carry your product in bulk, an optional configuration involves a hitch and bulk conveyor so you can load your product into a sleek and spacious towed CC-350 or CC-525 cart.


  • Pistachios
  • Cherries
  • Almonds
  • Prunes
Full Specifications & Options (PDF)
Pistachio shaker and harvester

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