Shockwave Catch-All System

If you grow nuts and fruits that can’t be shaken onto the ground, OMC’s Shockwave Catch-All VII is your best solution.

Whether you’re growing pistachios, prunes, cherries, macadamia, olives or any other fruit or nut not allowed to touch the ground, the Shockwave Catch-All VII is there to ensure you fully shake and collect your product, whether you are using bins or collecting in bulk.

At the heart of each half of the Catch-All X system is a 3.4L Caterpillar turbo-diesel engine in Tier IV configuration. When optioned with the air-conditioned cab, the Shaker half of the system will carry a 4.4L Caterpillar Tier IV turbo-diesel engine. The Receiver half of the system carries a deflector, a main conveyor and a transfer conveyor, the latter being your choice of 45 degree or 90 degree discharge. The Shaker half of the system carries the deflector and OMC’s new R-5 Magnum shaker head as standard.

The standard Receiver configuration includes bin forks for loading your product into bins and dropping them off for Bin Carrier pick-up. If you prefer to carry your product in bulk, an optional configuration involves a hitch and bulk conveyor so you can load your product into a sleek and spacious towed CC-350 or CC-525 cart.


  • Pistachios
  • Cherries
  • Almonds
  • Prunes
Full Specifications & Options (PDF)

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