OMC Brush Hog

Hydraulic Rake

OMC’s Brush Hog is our latest mechanized solution to labor-consuming orchard operations, in this case orchard clean-up following hedging or topping operations. This three-point-hitch mounted center-delivery rake features dual hydraulic motors for powerful raking action of even heavy branches.

Its working width is adjustable up to 26-feet, which makes the Brush Hog an asset in multiple orchard types, crops, and spacings. The Brush Hog rides on four caster-type wheels, ensuring an effective raking action with consistent ground contact. It delivers all the branches and material it collects in the center of the row, ready for pickup or shredding.

After the work is done, the Brush Hog folds hydraulically and locks for easy and safe transport.

Standard Features

Dual-hydraulic motor-driven rake
Hydraulically-adjustable working width
Center material delivery
Three-point hitch mount
Four (4) caster-type wheels
Rake guards for operator safety
Powder coated finish

Specs and Dimensions

Minimum working width: Coming soon
Maximum working width: 26 feet
Transport width (fully folded): Coming soon