Shockwave Sprint VI

If you are growing almonds, walnuts, or young pecans, the latest iteration of OMC’s Shockwave Sprint tree shaker will make your life easier and boost your harvest efficiency. The key to the Sprint’s high performance is its side-mounted shaker which allows the operator to glide down the row and shake up to 7 trees per minute.

The all new R-7 Magnum shaker head with 24 inch oval pads and automatic sling lubrication is standard, providing powerful shaking performance in a compact package that effortlessly moves through dense plantings. Movement is provided by a hydrostatic drive with a 19:1 ratio, with a 24:1 ratio available as a no-cost option. An optional continuous rubber track drive system is available for superior flotation and mobility in all surface conditions. LED night lights illuminate the front, side and rear of the vehicle, while a color monitor provides crucial information and settings inside. Heating and air-conditioning are standard, for more comfortable and productive days in the field.

Tree Seeker

Standardizing and improving the process further is OMC’s optional patented Tree Seeker system. Not available anywhere else in the industry, Tree Seeker is available in three configurations with increasing automation at each step.

Phase I

Tree Seeker Phase I will control the duration and energy of the shake, reducing your exposure to barking, reducing the shake time, improving fuel efficiency, reducing your carbon footprint, and most importantly, protecting your investment by reducing the wear on your machine.

Phase II

Tree Seeker Phase II builds on the performance of Phase I and adds sensors which position the OMC Shockwave Sprint directly where it needs to be in relation to the tree. In this configuration, Tree Seeker locates and stops at trees along a row, the operator gives the shake command by pressing a button on the joystick, and Tree Seeker does the rest: extends the head, grasps tree, shakes, releases, and move to the next tree where the process is repeated. 

Fun fact: The Shockwave Sprint can be optioned with 18″ Hydraulic Lift AND Tree Seeker Phase II for unparalleled consistency and performance in a variety of orchards.

Phase III

Tree Seeker Phase III expands on the features of Phase II by adding self-steering capability.


  • Almonds
  • Walnuts
  • Pecans
  • Macadamias
Full Specifications & Options (PDF)

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