OMC Aftershock
AR-500 Shuttle

New for 2022, the Aftershock AR500 shuttle is OMC’s take on a large capacity rear discharge shuttle that maintains the maneuverability needed for tight orchard spacings through the use of a center articulating pivot. The AR-500 sets itself apart with a tapered roller bearing pivot which provides smoothness and improved durability of the steering function. Steering is hydraulically actuated by dual hydraulic cylinders working in opposition (one pushes while one pulls, and vice versa).


The AR-500 is offered with a powerful B4.5 Cummins Stage V turbo-diesel engine producing 200hp, as well as standard front wheel drive and front air ride suspension. With a modular rear frame system, the AR-500 is ready for future configurations with a sprayer, spreader, flat bed, or other specialized implement a grower might need.


The AR-500 offers our proven powered 180-degree rotating operator platform (same as our AR-400 shuttle) and dual pedal arrangement, allowing the shuttle to be driven safely and effectively in both directions. The driver remains protected and comfortable inside the quiet, spacious cabin with standard air-conditioning and heating, intuitive controls, and a stereo sound system.


OMC Aftershock
AR400 Shuttle

The key feature of the Aftershock AR400 Series III shuttle is its 180-degree powered rotating driver’s console. This standard feature allows the driver to approach the conveyor cart driving backwards to load the shuttle. Once the cart is unloaded into the shuttle, the driver stops the shuttle, rotates the seat 180 degrees to the forward position, and can then drive back up the row without having to wait for the cart and harvester to move out of the way. The shuttle achieves a top speed of 30 MPH (48KPH) whether driving forward or backward.  The AR400 shuttle works best when paired with OMC’s Aftershock SD-36 side-dump elevator and Aftershock CC-350 conveyor cart.

The AR400 features an articulating rear axle to go with the standard air ride suspension in front and rear. Additionally, a powerful Cummins turbo-diesel engine is standard, displacing 3.8L and providing 148hp to the load sense hydraulic system and achieving Stage V emissions performance. The interior is upgraded as well, featuring a composite operator’s console, intuitive controls, Hehr safety glass, and a redesigned cab and windows to improve operator visibility from the driver’s seat.

Standard Features

  • 148HP Cummins F3.8 Stage V turbo diesel engine with hydraulic reversing fan and hydraulic oil cooler
  • Color Monitor and Joystick controls
  • Load Sense hydraulic system
  • Air conditioned cabin with 180 degree rotating operator platform
  • Hehr safety glass in front and side windows
  • Hydrostatic pressure compensating wheel motor drive with 15:1 gear ratio (0-30 mph)
  • Air Ride Suspension
  • LED night lights
  • Powdercoat finish
  • Back-up warning system
  • Seat belt
  • Adjustable load speed
  • Parking and service brake
  • Turn signals and stop lights
  • 12×16.5 – 12-Ply tires
  • Rear tow plug
  • Dual augers
  • Length: 21 feet
  • Width: 8 feet, 6 inches
  • Height: 7 feet, 6 inches
  • Tank Capacity: 440 cubic feet
  • Fuel capacity: 45 gallons

Optional Features

  • Rear sand tires, 400/55-17 Flotation (with 19:1 gear ratio)

OMC Aftershock
AR450 Shuttle

The AR450 Series III shuttle drives behind and unloads carts such as OMC’s Aftershock CC-350 or CC-525, exiting the row behind and front-dumps into an OMC Aftershock SE-180 swing elevator or FE-36 field elevator. Two hydraulic augers inside the bulk tank spread your product evenly for maximum carrying capacity of 450 cubic feet. Power comes courtesy of a Cummins F3.8 Stage V turbo diesel engine producing 148hp and driving the front wheels. The AR450 exhibits excellent handling characteristics with its standard all-wheel steering system.

Standard Features

  • 148HP Cummins F3.8 Stage V turbo-diesel engine with hydraulic reversing fan
  • Load Sense hydraulic system
  • Color Monitor
  • Air conditioned cabin
  • Hehr safety glass in front with sliding door glass
  • Hydrostatic pressure-compensating wheel motor drive with 15:1 gear ratio (0-30 MPH)
    • Optional 19:1 gear ratio for hilly terrain applications
  • Four-wheel steering and air ride suspension
  • Hydraulic elevator centering arm
  • 12-16.5 NSH 12-ply tires
  • Powdercoat finish
  • Adjustable loading speed
  • Service and Parking Brake
  • LED Night Lights
  • Turn Signals and Stop Light
  • Back-up Warning System
  • Back-up Camera
  • Top Tank Closer
  • Rear Tow Plug
  • 450 cubic feet of storage

Optional Features

  • No air conditioning (Air conditioner delete)

OMC Aftershock
AR-7 Bin Carrier

The Aftershock AR-7 Bin Carrier affords the operator smooth and efficient handling of products collected in bins. When bins are deposited in the orchard full and ready for pick-up, the AR-7 Bin Carrier glides through to pick them up and bring them to the collection point.

The ace up the Bin Carrier’s sleeve is that it can be configured with an optional bulk tank insert, giving the owner the flexibility to collect product in bins or in bulk as needed.

Standard Features

  • 121HP Cummins F3.8 Stage V 4-cylinder turbo-diesel engine
  • Load Sense hydraulic system
  • Hydrostatic all-wheel drive and all-wheel steering
  • 12-16.5 10-ply tires
  • Shift-on-the-fly ground drive
  • Air-ride suspension
  • Automatic centering rear wheels
  • Powder coat finish
  • Rubber roller pick-up
  • Three LED night lights
  • Back-Up warning system
  • Parking Brake

Optional Features

  • Rear wheel traction control
  • Coordinated steering
  • Bulk tank insert
    • Elevator centering pin
    • 450 cubic feet of storage

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