The OMC E-limb-inator is an all new shredder with our unique Orchard Machinery DNA. We began with a robust design combined with our fabrication and assembly expertise to create a reliable, safe, and easy to maintain machine. By leveraging our previous experience and expertise with hydraulic power systems, we have created a shredder that offers more control and finer tuning of shredding work functions than a mechanical drivetrain. Dual mill drive motors operate the hammer mill, giving it the power to chew through large limbs but also the control to stop on a dime with the Emergency Stop function. We finished off the hydraulic circuit with a robust hydraulic ground drive powering two commonly-sized and common-roller Soucy rubber tracks to keep you moving steadily and ensure maintenance and upkeep is a breeze.

The E-limb-inator features a massive Cummins X15 Stage V turbo-diesel engine producing 600 horsepower, which propels the shredder up to 15mph in high range. The shredder carries with it 140 gallons of diesel fuel, 15 gallons of diesel emissions fluid (DEF), and 160 gallons of hydraulic oil. The engine is oriented so that all the heat generated blows away from the cab and critical components, further improving system durability and reliability.

We moved the cab as far forward and over the head as possible to improve visibility and operator safety, combining it with half-inch thick safety glass in the front and an emergency egress window on the right side, opposite the door. On the interior of the cabin, we’ve combined a comfortable seat with an ergonomic operator layout with intuitive controls and safety features.

Check out the features, specs, and dimensions listed below, and as always, contact us if you have further questions or would like a personalized quote.

  • Length: 20 ft
  • Machine width: 8.25 ft
  • Head width: 11.25 ft
  • Height: 8.25 ft
  • Tilt: Up to 14 degrees
  • Lift: Up to 36 inches